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Get the Best Retaining Walls Wellington Installation Service.

We’ll construct your tastefully designed and durable retaining wall.

We’ll handle everything from start to finish so you can focus on other things.

We’ll build all types of retaining walls suited to different scenarios.

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Relax as We Handle the Whole Retaining Wall Installation Process

We are retaining wall specialists who have handled hundreds of successful landscaping projects in New Zealand.

Our expert team will handle your entire installation process from start to finish. We take into account all structural factors, geotechnical aspects, hydraulic considerations, building/ resource consent regulations, and much more.

This involves three major steps:

Step 1: Briefing & Design

Every project starts in close consultation with our clients.

This way, we ensure that the project fits every client’s specific needs, personal preferences, and budget. Based on our expertise, we will translate your vision for the project into tangible landscape designs.

We’ll also provide a clear budget so that you never get any unexpected surprises afterwards.

Step 2: Project Management

We always utilize a well-designed and highly efficient project management system.

This way, no delays or cost overruns will affect your project. We also ensure that every component of the wall installation meets the highest industry standards. Therefore, you can be assured of a quality structure that won’t have unexpected issues in future.

And we utilize the highest quality materials, professional-grade tools, and advanced techniques in every project.

Step 3: Maintenance

This optional step will ensure your structure lasts for a long time.

This involves landscape care services that keep your wall free of damage or other potentially problematic issues.

The better you maintain your retaining wall, the longer it will last.

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You’ll Get Any Type of Retaining Wall That You Need

Our team of professional installers have the skill to build all types of retaining walls.

Such options include:

  • gravity retaining walls
  • counterfort retaining walls
  • cantilever retaining walls
  • semi-gravity retaining walls
  • non-gravity cantilevered walls
  • prefabricated modular gravity walls
  • anchored walls
  • hybrid systems
  • gabion retaining walls
  • mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls
  • piled retaining wall
  • crib retaining walls

Whatever need or specific situation you may have, we’ll match that with the best suited structure.

Here’s how we do that:

Anchored retaining walls for holding very high soil pressure

Anchored retaining walls are designed with cables that sink deep into the soil at the bottom and top of your wall.

Such a design makes it useful for holding soil under very high pressure.

Moreover, the wall can be constructed in multiple interesting styles to give an appealing look.

Cantilevered retaining walls for using less material

If you need a gravity type wall, but want to use less material for a lower cost, then a cantilevered wall can be an alternative.

This design uses either concrete or mortared masonry with steel reinforcement.

It has a backward “L” shape which creates a critical balance between the pressures of the soil applied to the vertical portion and the horizontal part. This shape is what makes it possible to use less material than a gravity wall.

Piling/ post retaining walls for strong support

Post retaining walls have long piles going deep into the ground.

Such deep poles make the wall strong enough to resist earth’s pressure. The deeper you place the poles, the higher you can make the wall.

Note that walls higher than 1.5 metres would require a building consent.

Gravity retaining walls for a simple solution

Gravity retaining walls offer a simple solution by holding back earth with the weight of the wall.

As simple as it may be, it still requires proper planning to know exactly how to build a strong enough structure. The design will depend on the type of soil being retained and the material used for the wall.

Some types of structures may also require council consent.

Gabion retaining walls for a practical solution

Gabions are a functional solution using stone, concrete, or brick to fill a galvanized steel mesh.

Despite the functional look, they can be designed to be as pretty as any other wall. This is done by using various types of interesting stones with appealing shapes and colours.

If other materials are hard to find in your location, then gabions would be a practical option.

Concrete retaining walls for longevity

Such walls are also gravity based.

The structure is built on a concrete base and may use either a stacking or interlocking pattern. Plastered blocks or traditional grey 300×150 mm blocks are usually used here.

Compared to wood and other materials, concrete would last for a long time.

Timber retaining walls for a low-cost option

Depending on availability, timber walls can be a simple and cheap option.

To make such walls durable, they are designed with strong piles. And with proper treatment, they will last for decades, besides looking attractive.

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Why Hundreds of Customers Choose Our Retaining Wall Services

We have served hundreds of customers over the years.

Our goal has always been to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Above all, we are a reputable service you can trust. Here’s why:

  • Loads of successful projects.
  • Family-owned business.
  • Compliance with New Zealand Building Laws.
  • A fully trained team.
  • Unmatched customer service.
  • Dependable and reliable.
  • Free estimates.
  • A long history of high-quality service.

Contact us for a free quote.

Our Service Areas within Wellington

We Serve the Entire Wellington Area

We offer the best retaining wall services in Wellington, New Zealand.

We serve all the suburbs of Wellington, including: Tawa, Brooklyn, Aro Valley, Redwood, Tarikaka Settlement, Vogeltown, Khandallah, Berhampore, Johnsonville, Oriental Bay, Northland, Rongotai, Seatoun, Karori, Wadestown, Owhiro Bay, Ngauranga, Island Bay, Glenside, Newlands, Newtown, Makara, Miramar, Mount Cook, Shelly Bay, Mount Victoria, Ngaio, Wellington Central, Kilbirnie, Lyall Bay, Breaker Bay, Hataitai, Te Aro, Kaiwharawhara, Happy Valley, Crofton Downs, Mornington, Houghton Bay, Churton Park, Thorndon, and Kelburn.